Paragraph on India and her Neighbors – by Jenny


Being a vast country and being located at a great strategic position in South East Asia, India has always maintained a good rapport with her neighboring countries as India strongly believes in peace and freedom and most importantly, mutual co-operation.

The immediate neighbors of India are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Maldives, Burma, Afghanistan and China.

Relationship with neighbors:


India has traditionally a good relationship with Sri Lanka. Though there was a lot of commotion among the Indians and Tamil natives, after signing the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord on 1987, things have changed and now both maintain a harmonious relationship. Coming to Bangladesh, both countries have a common heritage and they have always maintained a good relationship without much hassle. Pakistan has been hostile to India and India has always tried to improve the relationship with them for a long time. The Kashmir issue has been raised by Pakistan in many forums and they train terrorists from Kashmir and Punjab. Though India has assured that she would never initiate an attack, the activities of Pakistan do not assure the same and hence the relationship between the two countries has never been satisfactory. Compared to other countries, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives have always been on the satisfactory side throughout.

With China though India shares a fair relationship, the boundary issue still prevails and has never come to an end. Apart from the boundary issue, India shares a friendly relationship with China. Afghanistan also has a good relationship with India and India has not had any issues till date with them.


To conclude, we understand that India as a country is maintaining a healthy relationship with her neighboring countries and would like to continue doing the same in the future too. Except for the fact that there are certain hiccups, India is on the fair side and prefers to be like that and not initiate any kind of attack and always tries to settle things peacefully.

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