Paragraph on Indian Barber- by Jenny


A barber is basically a person whose occupation is to cut, dress and style mostly men`s or boys’ hair.

They are the people who make a person look great and maintain a great personality. People want to look great and fashionable and a barber is the one who makes you makes it happen.

Early barbers:


Earlier a barber was considered to be someone from the lower class who would be willing to cut the hair and shave beards of men and young boys of the upper class. They were mainly poor people and would be looking shabby too. They had their standard tools to which they would adhere to and make sure that these tools would be with them for their lifetime. Busy with their art and talk, they would have regular customers that would keep them on the role. They never had saloons or parlors of their own; instead they were mobile and would go to places that they were called upon.

Current status:

People who cut, trim, dress and style your hair are no longer called barbers and are no longer looked down upon as low profile people. Things have had a drastic change and now there are professionals in the industry who are commonly known as hair stylists who cut, trim and style your hair and make a complete makeover. The profession has been taken to the next level where, these stylists are high in demand and are paid well. A profession that was once looked down upon is now one of the glorified jobs that anyone who wishes to, can be, provided they have great hard-work and a passion for the job. A hair stylist is very much in demand these days and people just flock into parlors to seek advice and tips from these professionals in maintaining their hair and in looking great with great styles. A hair stylist has become an essential part in one’s life, where they could make or break your appearance.


A person with great passion for hair and hair styling and who would like to know about hair, can definitely find a great career in this profession and this is one of the glamorous profession these days that one could find.

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