Paragraph on Indian Farmer- by Jenny


India is known as the land of agriculture and almost 60 percent of the Indian people are farmers.

They are indeed the most important members of the society as it is they who yield food for the people of India.


He is an important factor to keep our economy rolling and without him, things would be totally disorganized.

Life of a farmer:

A farmer is a very hardworking person. He works from dawn till dusk in his fields. Though in the earlier days, the oxen were used to plough the fields, these days’ tractors have taken their role. A farmer begins by ploughing his field, planting the seeds, watering them, nurturing them, and finally harvests the end products when they are all done. These products are what fetch him his daily bread. The farmer has to keep a vigilant eye on his crops all through the stages of the growth of the crop. Natural calamities, man-made disasters, wild animals, pests are all enemies as far as a farmer is concerned. He needs to protect his crops from all these foreign elements to keep it safe till the final date.

Though he strives too hard, his financial status is not good. He just barely meets his needs. His house is in a bad condition and so is his living style. They live mostly in huts and have fewer amounts of clothes to wear. Getting good education for their kids is very tough and hence they are forced to send their children to smaller schools. They live in villages and are not aware of the latest developments or technologies.


Though farmers are the backbone of a country and its economy, they are not recognized or benefited for their hard-work. This attitude has to change and the concerned officials need to understand and respect them and find ways to enhance their life to better standards and make it friendlier for them, so that they could yield even better and thus it would help in increasing our economy and food needs on a larger scale.

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