Paragraph on Indian Folk Songs – by Jenny


Since India has a vast cultural diversity, India folk music is also diverse. Each region has its own style, thus creating a rich tradition of folk music.

Folk music is basically a reflection of the larger Indian society. Though in some cases, there is a misconception that folk and tribal music is the same.


But both are entirely different. Tribal music represents the cultures of a specific tribe, unlike the folk music that represents a larger society.

Folk music in detail:

Music is a therapy and it is taught in many different ways. However, folk music does not need any kind of prior practicing as required in classical music. This is one reason why most of the folk music comes from villages, as people from such places do not have the time and finance to spend on proper training and devotion as is required in classical music. Here, folk songs are sung for almost all celebrations like marriages, birth, engagements and in some cases even during harvesting. The instruments are also not the same and hence one does not have to spent much for folk music learning when compared to classical music. Folk songs have become such a part of everyday life, that now for every occasion, there would be music and it would mostly be folk songs.

These days one would also find folk music in movies and these songs would be used for various cultural programs by people across the country for various kinds of functions that they attend to. Music has become such an important part of life, that any good music is accepted and appreciated.


Be it folk songs or tribal songs, music is appreciated and enjoyed, is definitely a stress reliever and also used for treatments. Music does have healing powers and therefore, one could definitely choose the kind of music and go ahead and have great fun.

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