Paragraph on Indian Police – by Jenny


The Indian Police service, or commonly called as the IPS, is one of the All India services of the government.

The main objective of the police is to maintain law and order and to detect and prevent crimes in the country.


The other objectives of the Indian police include fulfilling duties based on responsibilities in order to maintain public peace, crime prevention, investigation into several criminal activities, corruption in public life, having the power to lead and command many Indian intelligence agencies, having the right for commanding and leading the Central Armed Indian Forces, having the right to serve as head of departments for policy making in Departments and Ministries at the state and Central level, and to finally command and lead the force with courage.

The structure and organization:

Every state and Union territory has its own force and the manuals of each state differs thereby making roles of the police differ accordingly. The topmost designation or the head is always called as the Director General of Police (DGP) who is in charge of the administration of the police force for each state respectively. Next level comes to the supervisory levels in which the major selections are from the IPS ranking (Indian Police Service), where almost all the next level officers are selected from. After the screening and selection process only people who join the policy academy get a chance to be a real police officer. It still remains as a dream for many who could not make it.


Though police is considered to enforce law and order to ease the life and safety for the public, it is not true always. There have been instances where the officers themselves would be corrupted and be in the wrong or sometimes they don’t take any favorable action against the offended and just ignore the situation, making it look like the offended was the culprit. These actions are totally a disgrace to the society. Apart from that, police serve as a great safety to the society and make sure the law and order is being maintained in every state they are in.

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