Paragraph on Indian Village – by Jenny


It is said that about 65% of the population in India are in villages or in other words, life in India is more in the villages rather than in cities.

Villages have changed from what they were decades ago. Earlier they were considered as places that were poorly developed, with no water and light and almost all the time filthy and unhygienic.


People were uneducated and had no sufficient finances to support their day to day needs. Gradually a change has been observed and currently the villages have upgraded from what they were those days.

Life at Villages:

Lives at these villages are indeed tough and hard. In most of the villages, there is no proper water supply even today. The women folk may have to walk kilometers with their pitchers to fetch drinking water. The roads at these places would be too horrible to travel. People are illiterate and unaware of modern science and technology. Medication is scarce and people still live on traditional methods of medications. Superstitious beliefs are still followed, due to lack of proper awareness. Communication is still a dream for them and so is hi-tech modernization kind of life. They mostly live on agriculture and farming and try meeting their daily needs. However very few villages like the ones in Punjab and Haryana are well advanced and they are almost similar to the rural life style with all amenities upgraded.


Though villages have their own limitations, they also have their advantages. Life is peaceful with not much of mess and noise. More pure air exists and hence less amount pollution and pollution related illness. There is less fast food and healthier life. More of nature`s beauty and hence more of peace, rather than concrete buildings, smoke and litter surrounded areas. There is less competition and hence more co-ordination among villagers. Just like any other thing, along with all the negatives they face, they also have great number of positives. However, the standard of living of the villagers in India needs to be uplifted and proper assignments in this regard need to be considered on a serious note by the authorities.

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