Paragraph on Indian Women – by Jenny


Over the past few millennia, the status of women in India has been subjected to many changes.

Gone are the days when women were treated as slaves or considered much below men. There has been tremendous change over the years and women have proved that they are also at par with the men in all walks of life.

Life of women:


Though women have proved in almost sectors that they could be equal to men in all aspects, the society still has a mind-block in accepting the fact. No matter how much she does, she is still considered second. Woman as such is considered to be an obedient slave of man, where she has to obey and listen and just carry out the household chores, bear and rear children and raise no voice and earn no income. Infact, women these days are so competitive that they do all this with a good career too, which no man would be able to do as efficiently as her.

Women are still considered to be weak and tortured mentally and physically. She still cannot be free like men and walk around at night, her decisions are not welcome at many places even today, her rights are denied, and she is burdened with work both professionally and personally. It is still believed that she has to depend on her father, husband or brother for her very existence. Women face the dowry problem even today, though we know that accepting dowry is an offense.

Today`s Women:

However, in the midst of all these hurdles, women have come out and have taken respectable positions. We have Indira Gandhi who was the first lady Prime Minister of India, we have Pratibha Devsingh Patil as the first lady President of India and we have many other women who have shown power in their respective fields like Kiran Bedi, P.T.Usha, Kalpana Chawla, etc., who have crossed all boundaries and proved what it is to be a woman. They are true inspiration and women toady have decided and conquered all arenas where men used to rule and have proved that they are way better than the so called male power.

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