Paragraph on Informal Invitation – by Jenny


Invitations have become so common these days. With so many events and functions that come up in our lives, we need to make sure that we let our friends and family know on these factors.


However, invitations could be made in many different ways. It could be either formal or informal. The choice is up to the person who does the invitation.

Formal and Informal Invitation:

Though we all make invitations, it has been observed that in most of the situations, people stick to the formal invitation pattern. In this way they have a standard pattern and not much of homework or breaking of head is required to come up with an idea. Though some invitations look good in the formal manner, there are many other that could go along with the informal one. Informal invitations could be made just as beautiful as the formal ones and one could make it look like just talking to one another. These days, the informal kind of invitations is what is catching up. Let us look at an example:

Earlier or even lets us say even today, we mostly see wedding invitations that begin like :


Mr and Mrs XYZ

Request the honor of your presence

At the marriage of their daughter




Son of Mr and Mrs .PQR

On Sunday the 15th Oct at RST as venue.

However, the same invitation could be made in an informal manner just like this:

Please join


On 15th Oct 2014

At RST venue , as they exchange their marriage vows.

*Rock ‘n’ Roll party to follow*

This kind of invitation makes it look more interesting and different than the old fashioned and formal invitations. It gives a sense of more closeness between the two people who invite’s and who gets invited for the occasion. A more of ‘Something to look forward’ kind of invitation.


To make celebrations more joyful and remembered, the informal kind of invitations is what is being preferred these days over the formal kind of invitations. More and more people work on drafting a beautiful and different kind of invitation that would go along with the occasion , so that people who get invited, just look forward to that great day and would not fail to make it up.

Times have changed and so has the style and pattern of many things. Making personalized invitations has become the trend these days and moreover gives a sense of personalizing especially for the event. In the era of personalization, why keep invitations alone aside, let us also make that in the most simple, yet elegant manner, making it stand out, yet attractive.

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