Paragraph on Intelligence – by Anand


Intelligence is that ability of man which distinguishes him from the other species of the world.


It is the ability which gives him the power to control the environment he resides in. man can successfully adapt to the changing environmental demands because of his power of intelligence. Intelligence is the basis of all the development that is taking place in the world. Intelligence plays an important role in the day to day activities of life.

Importance of Intelligence:

Intelligence helps man create various kinds of comforts for him with the help of science. Man can extend his lifespan with the help of miraculous medicines, can climb high mountains, can plunge into the depth of the ocean, travel in great speeds etc. These make man the most superior beings on the planet. Intelligence allows us to understand, interpret, act and reasonably predict the future. It also helps us in achieving and maintaining information, relationships, concepts etc. thus, intelligence is required for our better survival.

Elements of Intelligent Behaviour:


Intelligent behavior includes every form of cognitive behavior like perceiving, learning, attending, thinking, memorizing and predicting. Since intelligence is an abstract concept, there is no set direction for it but it can only be estimated by the individual’s handling of real life situations. The concept of intelligence has recently been expanded to include terms like social intelligence, practical intelligence, musical intelligence, emotional intelligence, vocational intelligence and spiritual intelligence.

Intelligence Quotient:

Every individual being possesses a certain amount of intelligence. The performance in the activities of the individual determines if he is more intelligent or less intelligent. An intelligence test is essential for the determination of the exact amount of intelligence possessed by an individual. The quotient which is the result of the test is the intelligence quotient of a person. Highly intelligent beings have a high value of intelligence quotient while the not so intelligent beings have a low value.

Misuse of Intelligence:

With the many advantages that intelligence gives us, it is also characterized with negative virtues. With advanced intelligence, the scope for its misuse also arises. People at high positions of power misuse intelligence for their own benefits at the cost of other people’s lives. Science and technology has advanced to such a level that people are now capable of designer babies, cloned species etc.

Though the experimentation is done for the advancement of science yet it leaves a huge scope of misuse which is unethical in many respects. Scientists of the modern world can practically do anything and everything. They are like demi-gods on the planets.


Intelligence, a unique quality which vests with the human beings has both the positive and negative aspects to it. If used judiciously and pragmatically, it can lead to growth and prosperity of mankind. However on the contrary, if it is misused or manipulated, it could lead to destruction and chaos in the society. Thus, intelligence should be carefully put to use and the people who misuse the same should not be let off easily.

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