Paragraph on Joys of Schools Life – by Supriya


School life is the most memorable part of our lives. It is also known as the golden phase.


This is because this phase if free from any kind of anxieties & worries of life.

The joys, excitement & fun of school life are endless. You don’t have any kind of burden & responsibilities. The only worry is to study hard & prepare for exams.

Students get all sorts of love, affection, care & attention from their parents. In return they study hard to convert their parent’s dreams into reality. They get best food, best clothes, schoolmates, friends with whom they can spend their time with. Student life consists of sincerity, tolerance, honesty, obedience, truthfulness & discipline.

Importance of a school life:


Student life lays a foundation of a bright future. A student strive his level best to gain good knowledge during this phase. He takes pleasure of gaining knowledge & reading books. A student learns to conduct himself to become a better part of the society. The best part of school life is that even of the students make mistakes they are always treated with sympathy & love.

Students are always helped & guided by their parents & teachers. School life prepares the students for the higher stages of life. It teaches the students various ways to be disciplined in hostel, playground, library, classroom & other places. During school life teachers plays an important role to teach students to adjust themselves in later part of life. School life lays the foundation for budding doctors, writers, poets, engineers, musicians, scientists & painters and musicians.

Joys of a school life:

School life consists of never ending joys in the form of music concerts, essay competition, dramas, debates and various types of sports. Students actively participate in various events to develop confidence. Various schools organizes exhibition of science & handicrafts at regular intervals say once or twice a year. Students are assigned various projects made participate in these events. They get a chance to show their talent. Best ones are appreciated & awarded. The school invites the parents to witness such exhibitions.

The students are then made to explain them that they have made & why they have made so depending upon various scientific beliefs. Excursions, picnics & games are other joys of a school life. Outdoor games such as cricket & hockey and indoor games such as carom, chess, ping-pong etc. fill the student’s life with joy & excitement.

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