Paragraph on Laughter is the Best Medicine – by Jenny


It is very often said and heard that laughing is very good for health and we all should try laughing as much as we can. Why should we laugh?


One of the best stress relievers is a good open laugh. So much of tensions, work stress or anything that has been cluttered in your mind could just be washed away with a good laugh. It boosts your energy and helps you stay focused more with a drive in of fresh energy and enthusiasm.

Laughter, being the best medicine:

In today’s busy day to day schedule, people have just forgotten how to laugh and to enjoy the small jokes and pleasant moments of life. It has been proved through various studies that laughter does have great importance in our lives and would help us to be active, and healthy without any side effects. Laughter is the best way in which one could relax their body and soul, without having any side effects and which is for free. Laughter has endless benefits like boosting our immune system, improving our creativity and memory, brings in a total positive attitude to us and makes us feel on the whole a lot more lighter and fresher.

Apart from all these benefits, another great advantage of laughing is keeping us at bay from diseases or at times, providing to be the best healing techniques in many diseases. It is found that people who laugh more are healthier and also easier for them to get themselves healed when being diagnosed with chronic diseases. In short, laughing is indeed the best medicine that cannot be competed with any other.


Reasons why Laughter is good for health:

Why is laughing good for you. There are plenty number of reasons why this statement has been said, of which the most important one would be as mentioned here. Firstly, it is one great way of reducing stress. Laughter improves the immune system and reduces the stress hormones thereby reducing the risks of you falling sick. Next, laughter helps us to cope up with a weird or unhappy situation. Happenings cannot be changed, but how we view it could be and this makes it lighter for us and makes us more focused on sorting the issue, whatever it may be. One of the best benefits of laughter is that it reduces blood pressure and also keeps sugar levels in control.

Among all the benefits of laughter, laughing is known to be the best medicine in reducing pain. The reason being that laughing reduces our fear, thereby enabling us to overcome the tough situation or hurt we are in. Laughter helps you to reduce aggression and also boosts your social skills as people would prefer to be in the company of happy faces rather than sad faces. Since laughter energizes from within, it naturally affects the organs and thus helps the organs to stay fit and healthy.


In short, no matter what situation you are in or how low you feel, if you find a reason to laugh, then go ahead and this would help you to overcome all your stress, fear and anxiety and enable you to solve the problem, no matter what it may be.

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