Paragraph on ‘Lazy People and Fate’– by Aroop Das


Our lives, whether spent in a lazy slumber or through over dependence on fate, are seldom preconceived and predetermined in a divine workshop.

It is the strength and intention of our actions which guides our lives in the direction we desire.

Bane and Boon of Laziness:


Laziness is often described as a reluctance to experience the full force of life by substituting a dazed and dull screen over the rich picture of life. Lazy people tend to shun the necessary actions and emotions that an average person carries out or experiences over the course of his lifetime. The laziness is due to a lack of understanding of the high quality experience that life offers. Lazy people believe that a lack of effort on their part does not diminish their lifestyle. They are blissful in their ignorance of what life can offer if one takes the risk and not worry much about the future.

Our Belief on Fate:

Fate is a word which has been called by many names including – destiny, God’s plan, movement of stars, etc. Since time immemorial people have been citing fate for any good or bad that happens to them. The importance of our decisions and actions take a backseat when fate is quoted as the reason for everything. In other words, this over – reliance on fate means that all our individual thoughts and choices are of no significance and whatever is written in our fate will happen to matter what. It is this belief that destroys individuality and promotes hocus pocus nonsense.

Laziness and Fate:

Laziness and fate are inter-twined closely enough that either can be the cause or the effect of the other. Lazy people will cite fate as the cause of their inaction while people heavily relying on fate will give themselves to laziness.

The Pitfalls:

The consequences of our laziness or dependence on fate can become quite dangerous in the long term. It will lead to loss of our individuality, regression of our emotional maturity and the destruction of our creativity.



Human evolution was successful mostly due to our curiosity, intelligence and innovation. But all this was possible because of our bold decisions and harsh choices that we had to make along with the actions we had to take. Fate never played a part in our progress and laziness never witnessed any progress. It is the belief in ourselves and in our humanity that has carried us this far in the world.

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