Paragraph on ‘Life is a Gift’ – by Rajan

Life is a gift; the most precious gift given by God. It can be expressed in many promising ways.

For someone, life is an art which can be made as beautiful as possible. While for some people, life is a science which can be made as useful as possible.



We can elucidate our life as a contradiction of death. Death is the last part, while life is the beginning. This precious gift consists of lots of good things, good experiences and remarkable moments. On the other hand, it also contains bad memories, saddening moments and miserable experiences.

Spread the pleasure: Have you seen the flower lily? It lives for a very short span of time. But whatever life it has got, it delivers the pleasure to the world in that time. It passes its charms, hue, and aroma to many hearts. This is how we must live our life.

Spread the knowledge:

Swami Vivekanand; the envoy of the Vedic beliefs. He died at a premature age. But throughout his life, he spread knowledge. On one occasion at the Chicago Council, he was representing the Hindu religion. At that time, he addressed the crowd by saying “My Brothers and Sisters”. His sentence created a delight amongst the listeners. This is how we must spend our life by scattering the thoughts that can bring ecstasy into the life of a listener.

Help others:

Our life is a gift and we must exploit it on helping others. In the exact situation of our present life, we run behind “getting” something and fritter away it on “spending” something. Is this type of life helpful? We must learn the habit of helping other people.

Love minor things:


In our day to day life, we come across many minor situations that can bring happiness in our life. Do you go to the office via local bus or train? Attach yourself with the regular passengers. Give a smile to the strangers. These smaller situations have the power of healing depression and troubles.

Make a wish:

Start believing on the spiritual powers. There exists something that controls you. We cannot overlook the existence of spiritual strengths in our life. So make a wish every night. Force yourself to believe that wish would come true someday.

Spend time with yourself: We come across multiple faces and different personalities in a day. But, do we spend some time with our mind? It is necessary to consider what our mind wants. This is we can actually realize that “life is a gift”.


It seems that the modern age has made us a slave; a slave who runs behind the shadow delighting it as the material, but in reality pursuing the mirage. We must provide attention on balancing relations instead of earning a lot of money and property. We must apprehend that life is a gift and not the burden. So start accepting the challenges that life has given to you.

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