Paragraph on Life is in Your Hands – by Anand


Every person has the key to the life he wants to achieve. It is in his hands as to how his life will ever be. Similar is the case with other individuals.

Our lives are in our hands. It is how we use it that determines whether we will achieve success or failure in life. We are all players in the game of life.

Short-Lived Life:


We are mortals and our existence on the earth is only temporary. Man has a limited life span and after the period is over, we die. Thus, it is important that for whatever period we are present on earth, we make the best use of it. We should not think about our past as the past cannot be undone. The past only tortures us mentally.

We should also not ponder about our future because the future is something we can’t predict. The future is not in our hands. However, what man can do is to live in the present. The present of ours determines our future. Our present performance determines what we shall do with our life.

How to Make the Best of It?

One cannot get past a game without proper planning. Similarly, in life, there will be many challenges. Challenges make life more exciting and they require planning and confidence to be overcome. For normal situations, people are aware of the moves to be taken. However for unforeseen circumstances, it is imperative to keep a plan ready. A plan helps in keeping one prepared for everything in life.

In life, we have to play by the rules. Rules are the backbone of life. We need to abide by certain rules like no cheating, no unfair advantages, etc. However, the rules in life can be bent over during times of grave emergency and peril. Thus, rules are important and must be observed carefully by each of the players failing which they can fall prey to life.

Makers of Our Own Destiny:


The key to our fates and the end result of life lies in the hands of the individuals. Individuals are responsible for how they play or fare in life. The same is determined by the performance of the individual over the period of his life. If the person is indulged in wrongful activities which might affect his health, he will not last long in life and writes his own fate.

A person driving negligently also faces the same problem. Fates are very rarely pre-determined; like during cases of accidents, unforeseen incidents and acts of God. We people make or break our own destiny. It is how we fare in life that we achieve whatever we do.


Thus, life is in our hands and we need to make the best use of it. It does not matter whether you succeed or fail in life but it is important to stay in the present and enjoy the life. Life should be taken in the right spirit and it should be able to shape the lives of the individuals in a positive way.

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