Paragraph on Life is not a Bed of Roses – by Silki


Life is not a bed of roses. Whatever is your dream, you don’t accomplish it without the hard work, determination, consistency and struggle.

Anything you want, whether it’s the money or career success, you have to fight many difficulties to achieve them.


Some people are lucky to get good opportunities at the right time. But, not everyone is so lucky, obviously. You’ve to chase your dream and you must have faith in it. Life is not a bed of roses because we don’t always get to live it on our own conditions. However, never think that only you have many problems in your life.

Life is a Fight:

It’s not that you’re destined to face problems in life. Sometimes it’s our own mistakes which make the life more difficult for us. You’ve to learn to make your life simple. Although there will be some unpredicted complexities, nothing is really there which is out of mankind’s ability. If you’re determined to accomplish your goals, you will reach it, no matter how much struggle you may have to experience. Struggles make us strong and strategic. You learn to figure out ways of survival. So, if you think your life is not a bed of roses, you should have the spirit to face the complications and solve them.

Life is not a bed of roses because struggles are part of it. But, as I said earlier, struggles make you a great warrior when you learn to fight it and win. Our struggles start in our childhood. If you’re not a good student, you are bound to struggle when seeking a career establishment. This is common almost with everyone, except only the few privileged ones. India is an overly populated country. However, resources required for daily human consumption are limited. Life is not a bed of roses because you need to fight for your rights and own share of happiness. Life rewards will not be served to you if you don’t work hard and try to achieve it.

Life Complications:

You should never regret about your life difficulties. For almost all, life is not easy. Everyone has his/her own problems. It doesn’t have to be always money concern. A person may suffer from an irrecoverable disease. Despite having too much money, a person may not be able to cure his son’s life threatening disease. Sometimes relationship problems get so severe that it takes away the peace of life.


You should not blame your luck. Luck brings opportunities. But you’ve to work hard to use the opportunity in your favour. Although it’s not true that life is not a bed of roses, you still can make it beautiful with your own efforts. You’ve to be determined to be successful.


Life is not a bed of roses, but it’s not too bad either. When you learn to turn all types of life difficulties in your favour, you become a winner. Struggles and fights of survival were always there. Even our ancestors had to fight for their food, shelter and survival millions of years back. Life struggles prepare you for the unforeseen dangers. When you learn not to take life for granted, you understand its importance.

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