Paragraph on Life is Precious – by Rajan

Life is precious and evocative. Contrasting the entire further living beings, we humans are gifted with the sow of a probably extremely valuable, meaningful and precious life.


Our life could be the exceptional, strange, and privileged opening. It is exceptional since human life contains many sporadic incidences.


When we consider earth’s clod we notice many living creatures than the overall number of humans on this planet. We consider it a strange and privileged opening because it fallouts from the unique traits and competences exceptional to human being.


We say that life is precious then what are those strange traits and privileged competences? When we compare other living beings with us we realize that only human beings have a strong mental power, advanced aptitude for verbal communication by means of languages, ingenious imagination power, a costly feelings of sympathy and adore, and mainly, the aptitude to discern and connect with the feelings of other living beings.

Just because of such superior competences we, contrasting the entire other livelihood, are gifted to put on choice from agony and thrive and flourish into our personal life by maintaining an association with others. In this manner, our precious life is a unique episode.

In our normal day to day life, this strange energy remains unnoticed and mysterious. We are not able to expand it, since we are continually abstracted by our active brain. We go behind our intellectual prattle anywhere it directs us, occupying our moments with worthless actions, intense affections, in addition to unwanted interruptions. However, by means of the suitable conditions – a calm brain along with the healthy body, individual self-sufficiency, a powerful inspiration, and correct actions – all of us can conquer those forced restrictions and put ourselves lying on the trail in the direction of an extraordinary and precious life.


Potential of a human life:

In a human life, an insightful and maintained health, contentment, and entirety are some exclusive potential. The accomplishment of these potentials turns into the sole reason behind survival. We go near the opportunity of a completely recognized life from the time when we twist our intellect and spirit in the correct direction. Is there anything further evocative than to utilize the fullest supremacy implied into our personality?

Neglect the negative thoughts!

Our life is precious only because it involves feelings, emotions, and attachments. We should not consider the happiness in our life solely on the basis of money. Feelings are meant for everyone, poor as well as a rich person. Some situations of life make us cry while some make us laugh. In both cases, we realize our feelings. This is called as a life.


We must focus our life towards a meaningful purpose. Life becomes more precious when it is supported by a certain aim. It becomes worse when we consider it as a burden. It is our responsibility to inspire other people for whom their life has become a burden. Live it or leave it; these are the two choices in our hand. Our selection decides whether our life will become precious or not.

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