Paragraph on Life of a Farmer – by Anand


A farmer is basically the person who slogs in the field all day and grows food for us.

India being an agricultural country, the farmer community forms the backbone of the nation. Agriculture is highly dependent on him. His labour and hard-work bring prosperity to the country. He is an important member of our society.

Daily Struggle:


The Indian farmer has a hectic everyday schedule. He has to wake up very early in the morning and takes his plough and oxen to the agricultural fields. He slogs in the field till afternoon in the scorching sun. His wife and children get him lunch during late afternoon and they eat together under the shade of a tree.

The farmer has to plough and till the fields, sow the seeds and then reap crops all throughout the year. His schedule does not change even in the chilly cold weather. A farmer depends on the rains hugely. They are the life-saver of his crops. A farmer always remains hopeful for a good crop as that is the source of his livelihood. He is the sole bread winner for his family.

Painful Times for the Farmer:

The Indian farmers’ dreams of having a good crop is sometimes crashed when there is drought, flood or irregular monsoon. Such adverse weather conditions lead to the death of the crops which leaves the farmer and his family in great pains. Another painful situation arises when the crop of the farmer fails. After borrowing huge amounts of money from money-lenders, the farmer becomes hopeless and helpless when his crops fail. Sometimes, farmers even commit suicide in such situations.

Some farmers even employ their small children to work with them in their fields. Such instances of child labour usually results in the destruction of the career of the child as he fails to get himself a decent education. Farmers are usually illiterate and poor. Their progeny also remains poor and uneducated. Poverty runs in their family from generations.

Causes of Crop Failures:


An uneducated Indian farmer is unaware of the latest scientific developments and technological advancements. He uses the conventional modes of farming and is also unaware of the various Government’s schemes and policies which he is entitled to. Because of illiteracy and abject poverty, the farmer fails to reap the benefits of what is duly his. He always becomes the victim.


The Indian farmer is the backbone of the agricultural sector of the country. The Government should be more sensitive towards the cause of the farmers and help them out with food subsidies and resources. They should make him aware of the latest technological developments which he can employ in his agricultural practice. The prosperity of the Indian farmer is the prosperity of India.

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