Paragraph on Life of a Woman – by Rajan

Life of a woman implies a lot of secrets and ambiguities. Their life is often treated as mysterious.


A woman; is she a human creature? No, she is a reward given by the God. A woman could be a mother, a daughter or a wife. She needs to attain many roles and duties throughout her life.

As A daughter:


A daughter, this is the premature age of a woman. She starts understanding the world at this age. At this age, every parent keeps a good watch on her. They treat her as their princess. A small girl receives many delights than a boy. Her child age consists of many duties. She needs to take education to endure her life as an educated woman. Apart from studies, she needs to maintain her childhood by keeping herself busy in playing. While doing these two activities, she has to help her mother in household activities like cooking, cleaning etc.

As A wife:

A woman needs to marry at her fairly young age of 21 to 25. She needs to leave her maternal place. Could we imagine the situation when we need to leave our native place permanently? Yet, she accepts this challenge to become a Wife of someone. As a wife, her responsibilities increase speedily. She needs to obey her husband. She has to take good care of the people living at her husband’s place. If she is working outside then she has to keep a good equilibrium between the office and household workings.

As A mother:

After marriage, a woman comes across the most difficult part of her life when she becomes a mother. We cannot even imagine the difficulty involved in becoming a mother. She has to take good care of her child. She performs various tasks for her baby such as feeding, bathing, sleeping etc. When her child grows up she needs to take the study. She has to manage the career of her child by showing correct directions in complex situations. Is it simple to handle these many responsibilities in a day?

Life of a woman:

Our society still provides the inferior importance to the women. Some people still considers that women cannot do the works that a man can do. These thoughts have created inequity among the two genders. We must apprehend the responsibilities of a woman before judging her capabilities.



Security of women has become the need of today’s age. Women all across the world are highly insecure. They often come across the situations that can kill their womanhood. She has to live alert all the time to protect herself. Our Government must design the strict actions against the people who attempt rape, teasing, stripping etc.


The life of a woman involves everything. She could be perceptive and aggressive. She could be beautiful and exceptional. She doesn’t need anything apart from a respectful and secured life. We must respect the feminine gender to the utmost possible level. We must support her in the bad times. When we look at a stranger woman we must see a mother or a sister in her.

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