Paragraph on Life of Drivers – by Anand


The life of a driver is that of risk, thrill and danger. A driver depends on an automobile for his daily transportation.


They have to drive carefully through heavy traffic and also maintain the vehicle which has been given to them by their employer.

Describing an Automobile:

Automobile may be of any kind like a two-wheeler (motorbike, scooter), a four-wheeler (car, bus, auto, truck). An automobile is a machine which runs on an engine mounted upon wheels, having space for the passengers and the driver to sit. There is a single steering wheel attached to the front, just beneath the windscreen. There is a proper protection for the passengers behind by means of a canvas hood which protects the passengers from the weather. The driver sits in the front while the passengers, in the back.

Daily Life of the Drivers:


The lives of a driver are very difficult. They have to bear with the hot and warm winds during the summer season while face the chilling cold in the winter. They do not get any respite even in the rainy season as they get drenched at times and in the other times; they have to drive through the muddy waters. Drivers are mostly seen in the big cities. They are usually employed by the people engaged in business and other profession who need to travel a lot during the day for their work. The drivers are obligated to have a license.

How Is A Driver Helpful To Us?

The drivers usually offer their services during the day time but some of them also engage in night shifts. The drivers who work during the nights charge extra. But it is because of the drivers that going from one place to another become easy. They also help in saving the time of the customers. Another commendable aspect of the drivers is that they charge a fare which is generally within the reach of the customers.

Difficulties Faced By the Driver:

A driver does not have any vacations. He works every day throughout the year to earn a livelihood. The life led by a driver is simple yet dangerous. There is no certainty in his job. He can be fired at any time by his employer. And also, the wages that is paid to him is barely enough. Thus, he cannot even afford to buy his own vehicle. Such drivers also cannot afford to put their children in schools for basic education.

How Can The Drivers Be Helped?

The government can play a major role in the upliftment of the drivers. The Banks could give them loans on easy installments. This might help in improving their condition. They might lead a better life and be successful in providing a basic education to their children.


The life of a driver is very dangerous and uncertain but they help us in many ways. They are honest in performing their duties and can be relied upon as well.

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