Paragraph on Life without Friends – by Silki


You may have undergone a time in your life without friends. However it may be strange, not having at least a single person whom you considered, call and treated as friend can really happen.

Nevertheless, a life without friends is different when you have gone or moved to a new location, wherein your sense and spirit of adventure is immense since everything that surrounds you is different.


But, no matter what may be the reason, always understand that you have the potentials to make friends. If you only apply the proper approaches in developing new ties, friendship is always available and comes in legions. There are, however, several ways to prevent living a life without friends, yet, it takes significant amounts of time.

Having No Friends:

A life without friends could be a result of a number of reasons. Perhaps, you have distanced yourself from people since you have been through rough circumstances. Most of the time, people find themselves uncomfortable to reach out to people, especially when they are distressed, disturbed or struggling. Also, you may have pulled away from all of your friends after being a recipient of a betrayal from a close friend.

By living a life without friends in the first place, you tend spending time with people who are not truly that important and best for you. Furthermore, you may have chosen people who are not suited for you to be your friends. They may have been constantly excluding you in gatherings, evading you, or they are simply absent whenever you need to link up with them. It is common having such friends, especially when you are the type who hardly befriends people. It hurts, but it is necessary for you not to feel depressed.

Reach Out:

Bear in mind that a life without friends is just a transitory or briefly-lived circumstance. When you decide changing your life for the better through having more friends, you have to focus and have the will to work at it. While making friends becomes a challenge and exerts genuine efforts, it becomes easier when you regularly do it. But ensure that you are mentally prepared prior to making friends. Work primarily on the certain issues that you have been struggling with, and seek professional help to overcome them if necessary.


When you have other concerns that prevent you from making friends, it is better that you have to change them in order to reconnect with people. Assess the reasons why you live a life without friends. Never indulge in negative self-pity, but with confidence building thoughts and activities.


Remember, all of us are capable of making friends. Intrinsically, man is a social individual. As you lead your life, the involvement of interaction and adapting with other people is inevitable. And, for a meaningful life, it includes a complex interaction with other individuals to obtain a useful and worthy relationship, which is primarily friendship. Always exert the effort each time in your life to build friendships; you will find out sooner than expected that you will be no longer living a life without friends.

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