Paragraph on Life without Google – by Anand


Google is the most used and most famous search engine in the entire world. Google can answer all the queries existing under the sun. It has made life simpler and easier.

Google has become an intrinsic part of the lives of people and people have become ever so dependent on Google. Life without Google is unimaginable as life without internet.

Life and Technology:


In the past, people had minimal needs and mostly did manual labour, People were satisfied as they bore fruits of their own labour. With the coming up of technology, people became lazy and wanted things to happen as quickly as possible.

Technology, gave a solution to that problem. People started believing in technology and gradually, allowed technology to enter into every aspect of their lives. With the coming up of Google, things became even more efficient and convenient.

Uses of Google:

Google is used by people of all ages, starting from small kids to elderly people. School going children use Google to look up their homework or project related work and also to play online games. People in their late teens use Google for downloading music, movies, operating social networking sites etc.

The working class usually operates Google for multifarious reasons like checking the financial market, comparing restaurants, product-searching, movie tickets, booking seats at plays, musicals, restaurants, etc.


Google also has various features like Google Maps which helps you locate your position and calculate distances between places, Google Scholar which is very useful for research assistance; Google Books help you read books for free online etc.

World without Google:

A world without Google or life without Google will be a helpless life. A student’s life would turn into a nightmare. Self-studying would be next to impossible for students. Students will have to visit the library every now and often if they need any information. Google helped them in getting information on a single click. People would require ten times the effort to do things if there is no Google. It would be a very chaotic atmosphere.


Google has acted as a magic wand in the hands of the people and by just one stroke it diminishes all their woes and troubles. Life without Google is hard to imagine, forget about reality. Technology has given the best gift to mankind in the form of Google and if the same will be taken away then mankind will be back in the stone ages.

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