Paragraph on Life without Water – by Rajan

We cannot envisage our life without water. All living organisms are dependant on the water. Therefore, water is placed at the top in all major natural sources.


Water is an essential element in the environment. We require water for various purposes such as drinking, irrigation, food preparation, and bringing on other significant uses that hold up our everyday life. The subsistence of living on earth needs water, devoid of which living on earth could not be considered.

Water & Life:


Water is one such natural source which is essential for the survival of all breathing animals on the earth. Plants, insects, animals, and humans; all are greatly dependant on the water.

Without water, everything would be empty on the earth. There would be no aquatic life, no seas, no rivers, and undoubtedly no life.

Trees and plants survive on water. They give us food, sweet fruits, flowers, and wood. In fact, water is an essential factor that gives us the indulgence to get pleasure from all natural and artificial products that involve the usage of water.

Renewable Resource:

All of us know that water is a renewable energy source. The absence of water will affect our daily life in following ways:

Manufacturing Processes will stop:


Being a renewable natural resource, there are countless uses of water. It is a core factor in the manufacturing sector. It is used in the production processes of homes, laboratories, factories, fields etc.

No Electricity:

We make use of electricity throughout a day. Water is used for producing electricity. The high tides of sea also produce the electricity. All electrical appliances will get affected in the absence of water. Thus, life without water will be difficult and complicated.

Lose Physical Power:

Almost seventy percent part of our mother earth consists of water. Even our body contains ninety percent of water. These two lines emphasize the importance of water. The physical health will definitely get affected in the absence of water.

No Rain:

Rainfall brings water on the earth. We enjoy watching rainbows spread into the sky. Rainbow is nothing but the illustration of sunrays passing through the water drops existing in the cloud. Thus, in a life without water we will lose the joy of enjoying rainfalls and rainbows.

No fun at travel destinations:

In the absence of water, our planet will look like a desert place. There will be no greenery, rivers, waterfalls, seas, and many other factors that make our planet beautiful. There will be no fun in attending travel destinations. Our life will become uninteresting and tedious.


If the absence of water could crate these many troubles in our life then we must comprehend the value of water. As man keeps on advancing himself for a superior lifestyle, he constantly throws waste in the water. He repeatedly deposits harmful chemicals into the rivers. As a result, the available supply of water becomes polluted. We must stop these kinds of misdeeds that intimidate the preservation of sterile water. It is the only way to accrue the survival of living beings on the planet.

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