Paragraph on Living at a Bus Stop- by Shanu

Living at a bus stop is a struggle. But it also speaks about staying at a landmark. It is quite a feeling in itself.

A bus stop is a stoppage for busses where the passengers find shelter till they get on the bus for their destination.


Also, it is a signal for the bus driver to stop for passenger boarding and unloading off the vehicle.

Who lives at the bus stop?

Living at a bus stop can mainly be divided into three categories. Firstly, the homeless who find shelter at the bus stop during the silence of the night and this mainly includes the footpath dwellers. They may sell products like flowers, plastic toys, hybrid strawberries or any other eatables at an attractive price or beg during the day. Secondly, it is the passengers waiting for their route-specific bus to reach their destinations. Thirdly, it is the place for the newly arrived ambitious dreamer who wants to make it big in the city.

They struggle the whole day finding their way out and return to their temporary abode, which ironically is the bus stop, to sleep on the chairs. Again, we could find a stray dog that we see roaming aimlessly in the morning, has taken shelter under a chair.


Hazards related to living at the bus stop:

Heavy rainfall and drastic temperature drop during winter season can be the greatest hurdles for living at a bus stop. It turns out to be risky too as these dwellers may face sudden accidents. Even the prying eyes of the police at night may prevent the dwellers from finding shelter at a bus stop.

The various incidents:

Walking down the memory lane, one can meet an old friend suddenly at any given bus stop. One can make new friends. There are people, we would agree, whom we see almost every day, know about their regular get up and mood too but may not know them by their name. Living at a bus stop for short periods or long brings full of surprises for anyone who uses it at various times and stages. But again, the fright of knowing the wrong people, eve-teasing and many wrong meetings is also another side of the bus stop stay.

Bus stop – the age old friendly temporary journey:

Living at the bus stop, hence can bring in many surprises, good or bad to us in various ways. It can be the starting shelter for a dreamer, the homeless, the busy passenger, the stray dog and many more. It is a place which never sleeps and never rests. Yet it serves us always with its shelter, land mark and meeting points for many. It has a great significance for everyone in its own way. Living at a bus stop is not only one of the most enjoyable things but it sure can be interesting.

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