Paragraph on Modesty- Anand


The feeling of humility towards one’s own self is called modesty. A man with modesty does not talk about himself or boast of his achievements and merits.


If he receives any praise in front of others, he will try to change the subject or dismiss it in a jovial manner. The regard for conventional decencies in behavior and dressing is held in high regard by a modest person. However, the value of modesty is gradually disappearing in the present day.

Importance of Modesty:

Akin to the value of politeness, lies modesty. It is one of the finest qualities that a person can possess. A person or an individual may have a number of good qualities, but if that person is modest then he gets the respect of everyone around him. Those who are humble or modest are considered to be wise. They do not bother if anyone notices their good deeds. A modest person is one who listens to everyone with equal attention and tries to learn from others as well. A modest person does not command respect but he earns it.

Qualities of a Modest Person:


The finest quality of a modest man is that he does not boast of his wisdom unless he is asked to do so. He has a noble heart. Having a broad outlook on life, a modest man behaves generously and simply with everyone around him. One can get positive vibes from such a person who never envies anyone but on the contrary, is happy to see other people succeed and prosper in life. Another quality of a modest man is his down to earth nature. Such a person never disturbs anyone but minds his own business and speaks only when he is required to.

Modest Man vs Immodest Man:

While a modest man prospers in life by helping others, an immodest man always suffers in life on account of his negative qualities like envy, jealousy, greediness etc. an immodest man always wears a cloak of modesty on his body and fakes modesty even in front of his near and dear ones. A modest man on one hand is loved by all but an immodest man is hated by people around him for his arrogance and selfishness and is shunned in the society. The pride of an immodest man makes him ignorant of his own standard, status or merit. He always tends to overestimate himself in almost every matter. This leads to his doom. While on one hand, the modest man helps and advises others for their welfare, the immodest man always finds a way to bring people down by his behavior. The qualities of steadiness, patience, honesty and loyalty lack in an immodest man.


Modesty is a virtue which is gradually disappearing in the present world. People no more care for the value of modesty in a competitive world. The few people who remain modest are looked down upon. It is ironical how the very meaning of modesty has changed into something which is quite the contrary. Modesty is no more a virtue.

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