Paragraph on My Ambition in Life – Doctor – by Soumyajeet


Our ambition steers our lives. A person without an ambition is like a ship without radar. Different people have different ambitions in their lives.

Some like to take medicine, some teaching while some intend to go for engineering.


Our ambition in life speaks of our dreams, our passion and often our parents’ aspirations. I, myself aim to take medicine. It has fascinated me right from when I was a boy of five.

My Ambition:

Both my parents are doctors, so I know what a doctor’s life is all about. Seeing them in their white coats, as a child I would wear my white jacket and try to ape them with my doctor play set. But as I grew up, I found my passion and took the thing seriously. I have a definite idea of my ambition now and I am also working hard to get it. It is well known how difficult it is to get admitted to a medical school these days. One has to be exceptionally good in studies to crack the intricate entrance tests. My mother is an obstetrician and my father, a cardiologist. However I do not intend to follow either of them. I want to become a psychiatrist.

Why Such an Ambition:

In India the health infrastructure is far from adequate; there are not enough doctors and even fewer honest doctors who don’t merely extort money out of poor patients. I want to serve a sanatorium and equip it with all the state-of-the-art advancements in psychiatry. It will house trauma-struck children and women who have been victims of domestic violence. Apart from that it will also strive to break the prejudice against mental patients as madmen in the society. For the development of a nation, we need healthy citizens, healthy not just by physique but also by the mind. And, what better profession to ensure that, than a psychiatrist!


The very profession of a doctor is one that commands immense respect from all walks of life. And that with that vested trust and respect comes, a great responsibility- the responsibility of preserving and serving the Almighty’s creation. Nowadays people associate this noble profession with money-mindedness and corruption; however I want to do justice to the honest people in the profession by being a generous doctor and befriend my patients. I am confident that one day I shall be an eminent psychiatrist and help serve a dignified social cause.

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