Paragraph on My Everyday Ride to School – by Soumyajeet


The school is a place where the biggest evolution of the mind occurs.

In nursery, we wail and weep everyday on our way to school because we do not want to leave the security of our homes and attend painful classes in a scary atmosphere even though the teachers are sweet enough.


As we grow up and reach the primary classes, school turns into a playhouse and we do not want to miss it. In our teenage years, school means friendship and we begin to love school more than home and friends more than family. And like this, the day comes when there is no school and we realize how important that building was for us.

My School Bus ride:

As my house is located quite far from the school, I avail the school bus. Every day I am in eager wait of the school bus to arrive because in the bus it is an unrecorded world of fun and frolic. The bus is a typical Volvo type long vehicle, with air conditioning which shuts inside view. But we can see the outside. In the front seats the nursery kids sit with the Stewardess Ma’am but she always dozes off, much to our joy.

My school bus takes the route through the old city and every day we pass the monuments people from all over the world come to see. I know, I have been seeing them for years but still, it is a fresh sight to me. We generally take the back seat. Once inside, we have a group which indulges in various games. At times we sing, play Antakshari and also play hand cricket and book cricket. A few daring amongst us also enact the cranky teachers and the principal, of course someone else keeps an eye on the Stewardess Ma’am in front.

One day, while coming to school through a congested lane, Nandini, my friend, who was sitting on the window seat, threw a banana peel outside the window, the A.C. being off that day. Little did we know that the peel had landed on a lady’s face! The locals rounded up and stopped the bus and only after we all pleaded and Nandini started crying, did they allow us to leave. After that, we got a lesson in civic sense, learnt, the hard way. On Fridays, we, friends of the school bus do a little party with chips and chocolates while coming back.



The school bus ride is an experience I shall always cherish, it is here that friendships grow strong and collectively all of us learn great lessons in unity.

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