Paragraph on My Favorite Fruit – Mango – by Rajan Karle


My favorite fruit – Mango, is a plump fruit and belongs to the Magnifera genus. It is sweet in taste.

It is considered as the national fruit of India.



Mango consists of huge amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D. There are more than hundred varieties of mangoes. These varieties are on the basis of colors, shapes, sizes, and many other specifications. It is my favorite fruit because it is sweet, appetizing, and healthy.

Since summer is the only season when mangoes become available in the market, I eat a lot of mangoes. We can use this fruit in two ways. We can either eat ripe mangoes directly or use unripe mangoes for preparing pickles, sauces or juices. Mango pulp and its juice supply instant energy to cope with the heat during the summer months.

Among all other fruits, mango is considered as the king of fruits. We can plant a mango tree in any place. Mango tree belongs to the genus of perennial plants. Their leaves are evergreen. A normal mango tree can have a height of about 15-30 meters. These trees provide fruits during the summer months when the climate is warm. Also, these trees flower during the winter season.


This fruit contains carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and organic acids. There are many other scientific benefits of mangoes that are good for health.



I think there is no other fruit as sweet as the mangoes. I love eating mangoes while watching TV or reading newspaper. I also consider mango as an important dish in my meal. Mango pickle is mouth watering for me. Since mango pickle remains fresh for many years, my mother makes a large amount of pickle every year. Thus, I enjoy eating mango pickle throughout the year.

In other seasons, apart from the summer, whenever I feel like eating a mango I drink mango juice. Many companies supply mango juice throughout the year. The majority of children eat mangoes in a funny way. Children usually don’t understand the way of eating mangoes.

As a result, they spill mango juice on their body. Even their face looks funny after they spread mango juice throughout their face. This fruit truly brings joy in a child’s life. This fruit is expensive as compared to other fruits. Irrespective of the being expensive, every parent tries to purchase a lot of mangoes for their children.


There is a huge demand for this fruit among children as well as adults. We must encourage farmers for producing large quantities of mangoes so that it will not only reduce their price but we will also get to eat large amount of mangoes.

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