Paragraph on My Favorite School- by Rajan Karle


My favorite school is Bharat English School. It is located in Maharashtra, a state of India.

It has got a wonderful environment that keeps me away from the noisy world.



My school has always been at the top when compared to other schools. I always feel that my school has given a lot of things apart from education. I joined my school almost ten years ago. At that time I felt scared after watching the large crowd at the school.


My school is located in a wonderful place which is in the central part of Pune city. This place can be reached from every corner of the city. There is a hospital, a police station, and an agricultural college nears the school.


My school has three huge buildings attached to each other. There is a big ground in the centre. There are several classrooms, laboratories, and auditoriums in my school. There is also a large parking area for the school buses, auto rickshaws, bicycles and two wheelers.


The school timings are divided into two schedules, which are the morning batch and the afternoon batch. Students studying in fifth, sixth and seventh standards attend the morning batch whereas students studying in eighth, ninth and tenth standards attend the afternoon batch. The morning batch starts at 7 am and ends at 12 noon with a lunch break of a half hour.


Similarly, the afternoon batch starts at 12.30 in the afternoon and ends at 5 in the evening with a lunch break of a half hour. In my school, morning batch students don’t need to bring their lunch since my school provides snacks and other delicious food items.


My school has got a big playground where we perform various play activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, cricket and many others. Since my school contains boys and girls, both have been given equal opportunity to use the ground. We need to attend the assembly prior to starting the classroom sessions. We sing the national anthem and scatter to our classrooms.

Annual Functions:

There are some annual functions arranged for every year. My school arranges many programs to support the sports, dramas and other activities. It encourages every student and energizes them for the rest of the year. There are several sports competitions. We also need to participate in the competitions that allow us to accomplish scientific projects. The annual functions end with the prize distribution ceremony.


I feel proud to have been a student of Bharat English School. The wonderful days that I have spent in my school have taught me a lot. I have a dream to do something for my school, my school teachers, our beloved peons and the students studying there.

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