Paragraph on My Favorite Sport – by Rajan Karle


My favorite sport is the one that is not only fun but also provides physical exercise. It is basketball.

This sport has always been the favorite of many youngsters as well as elderly people.



Anyone can play this game. It doesn’t contain many rules and equipments. It only requires two different groups of players, a ball and the basket. Many people consider this sport as a good hobby, but to me, there are a lot of things to learn in this game. I consider this game as my passion. I look at this game from a different view. Therefore, it is my favorite sport.


I think this sport has both positive as well as negatives phases. If I have a choice to select between basketball and a video game, then for sure I will select basketball. This sport inspires me. It gives me a lot of pleasure and happiness. However, I prefer to play this game with my friends.

We can see a lot of styles in this game. These styles include a playmaker, passer, defensive player, shooter, high-flyer and dunker. These are the different styles that decide your position in this game.

There are some rules designed to play this game. These rules make this game more interesting and fun. For instance, you cannot touch the ball with your legs. Also, you cannot hold the ball in your hands.


As compared to other sports, basketball has many qualities. People also enjoy watching or playing many other sports such as volleyball, cricket or football. I occasionally prefer these sports but whenever I get a chance I go to the basketball field and start playing.


This game is more advantageous since it involves many physical activities such as running, jumping, bending or ball throwing. These activities make you tired but simultaneously improve your health and energy.

Running keeps your legs strong whereas jumping makes your body elastic. Bending helps improve the back portion of the body whereas ball throwing stretches the muscles of the hands. There are many other benefits of this game.

This game makes you sporty. When you play this game with other players it teaches you to work as a team. You put all efforts to make your team a winner. You share failure equally. This is one of the most important attributes of this game.


I think every youngster should start playing this game. If you don’t know the rules of this game then you can easily learn by watching this game on TV or reading about it. The rules are pretty simple to understand and adopt. You can easily implement the rules as soon as you play.

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