Paragraph on My First Day at School – by Rajan Karle


My first day at school was an unforgettable experience. The fear, enthusiasm and curiosity on that day are still fresh in my mind and is a memorable one.


I still remember it was summer season during those days. My parents woke me up early in the morning for school and my mind started picturing horrible scenes.


I was completely scared and felt like crying. Then my mother dressed me in the white starched uniform and black shoes. My father gave me a sack which was full of books and note books. Now I was ready for school and my parents came to drop me to the school.


When we reached the school my parents left me at the gate of the school. The peon took me to a class where I found many children of my age. Then I entered the classroom and there was a big black board on the wall. There was a chair and table for the teacher on a raised platform. I went to a corner and sat beside a window. Then suddenly a bell rang and my parents left me.

Some children were crying and a few were screaming. Then a woman entered the classroom and said greeted all of us. She started consoling the crying children and asked every one to be quiet. We got to know that she was our class teacher.

At the same time, my eyes were searching for my parents. I was looking out side the window and got a scolding.


Our class teacher introduced herself and allowed to introduce ourselves. In this way, I got to know the names of some of my classmates. I became friends with two classmates. After spending one hour in the classroom, suddenly a bell rang again. It was the sign for lunch. I opened my lunch box and found sandwich inside. One boy forcibly took my sandwich and I started crying.

Then the teacher came to my rescue. After finishing the lunch, we went to play in the garden. We had a lot of fun. When lunch time ended, we went back to our classroom. Our class teacher entered once again. She taught us some beautiful rhymes. At 12.30 the last bell rang and we were asked to leave the classroom in a line.


I was happy beyond words to see my father waiting for me. When I reached home my mother hugged me and I told her about my new school. This was my first day at school. I can only explain that day as interesting, full of memories and unforgettable.

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