Paragraph on My Five Favorite Things – by Rajan Karle


My five favorite things include music, dance, basketball, writing and shopping. I am incomplete without these five important things in my life.


Every person has certain hobbies. Some like drawing pictures with a brush while some like capturing pictures with a camera.


Hobbies vary a lot. Just like others, I too possess my own hobbies. There is a set of reasons behind the selection. Let’s know more about my five favorite things.


I have loved music since childhood. I started enjoying music when I grew up. Music, especially the retro music keeps me alive. There is a wide range of music including disco, jazz, romantic, etc. Whenever I feel sad I prefer listening to devotional songs. Music inspires me to pass difficult obstacles. It motivates me to think positively.


Dance is what I am learning since my childhood. I joined Kathak classes when I was in the fifth standard. I prefer dancing whenever I get the opportunity to showcase my talent in front of the world. Whether it is a marriage function or festival, I never lose the opportunity to dance. It is not my hobby but my passion. I have decided to become a professional dancer as well as a choreographer. I consider Michael Jackson and Prabhu Deva as Gods of dancing. I have learnt many skills from their dancing styles.


Basketball is one of my most preferred sports. I spend much of my time by playing basketball. This game has taught me many lessons. I have understood the art of organization through this sport since this game involves two separate teams. It not only keeps me fit but it also makes me happy.



I have maintained the art of writing since the past five years. I think every person should possess the habit of writing. It enables us to explore our thoughts. It stretches our imagination. It keeps me updated on current events, current news and current technologies.


Shopping is what I do every month. During this time, I purchase everything that has importance in my life. I love shopping but I never waste money on purchasing unnecessary things. Shopping is a way to deal with the outer world. When we shop regularly we learn the importance of saving money.


These five things have made my life complete, peaceful and happy. I consider these five things as the backbone of my life. Apart from these five, I also like reading, cleaning and many other good things. These good things bring pleasure in life and keep us motivated.

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