Paragraph on My Greatest Fear– by Silki


My greatest fear is not being able to live a financially independent life. I am not saying that I want to do whatever I want with my money.


I just don’t want to ask for money to someone else for each and every matter. I was an obedient and sincere student who always understood the value of education. I knew education could help me build my individual identity and I have worked very hard during my student life. And now, the society thinks that a girl can’t have a life as she wants. My greatest fear is losing life control and being forced to surrender to this hippocratic social belief.

A Life Dependence Scares Me:

My greatest fear is a complete life dependence. I never want to be dependent for everything on someone else. I want to take responsibility, and don’t want to become only a responsibility. Being Independent gives me strength and confidence. I crave self dependence. So, my greatest fear would be surrendering to dependence.

I am fortunate to see some of the worst results of dependence. I could never know if I didn’t see the worst side of being dependent. I have seen how a person is treated when he/she has no individual identity. I don’t want all those things happen to me. I know life circumstances are not the same always. But, what I have come to know is that only I am responsible for myself, and so, I have to take responsibility for myself. My greatest fear would be not being able to control my own life. If I always have to live life and take decisions according to someone’s else wish, nothing can be worse than that.


My Greatest Fear:

I don’t want to be a control freak, but, I don’t want someone to direct my life when I’m an adult with a clear understanding of life goal. I like to do things which can keep me busy, happy and also make the people around me happy. My greatest fear would be becoming a puppet. So, if someone tells me what to do, when to eat, when to sleep, I will lose my mind.

Second, although I never wanted to be the most lovable person, but I never like to be ignored as well. So, I would not prefer to be in the company where I am being ignored. Once upon a time, my greatest fear was not being loved by anyone. That sounds crazy, I know. But I used to think that way when I was a teenager. And now, this thing doesn’t matter to me at all. At present, what matters most to me is that I know about my abilities and can take of myself without solely relying on the others.


My greatest fear is becoming a person who has no life aim and ability to take care of herself. I don’t want to lose control of my own life. I love independence and freedom of thoughts. I can’t survive being a person who does everything according to someone else’s instruction. In other words, being dependent will always be my greatest fear.

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