Paragraph on my Hobby – Reading Books – by Rajan

My hobby is reading books that are based on a horror story.

I also enjoy reading newspapers, magazines, online articles and many other types of reading material that offer knowledge and information.



I started reading books when I was a child. In my childhood, my parents and granny used to tell me fairy tales while sleeping. I used to connect myself with the characters of those interesting stories.

As the time passed they got tired of this habit and stopped dictating the stories to me. I too understood the fact. I decided to learn the art of reading. My school teachers were doing the best job on their part. But the thirst of learning never permitted me to sleep well.

Reading books:

I took initiative and started reading simple books that have short stories. I don’t remember when I acquired the skills in reading. I started reading story books, comics, poetry books and anything that was available.

I realized that reading has become my hobby. Why reading is the best hobby forever? What does it offer me? My mind always thinks on these questions to dig up the answer.



Whenever I open any book I simply look at the writing style and prose used in the book. This enables me to understand the writers approach. Some books get me into the imaginary world of elf and goblins. These books improve my imagination power.


Books divulge the history of many ages. These books scribble the world of inscrutability and magic.


I have gained much knowledge through books. I have learnt many things regarding space travel, enormous whales, human attainments, wonders of the world, minuscule viruses, newer technologies and many other mesmerizing things in the world.

The best thing about my hobby is that it enables me to learn things much before they occur. For instance, I never need to come across a syndrome to recognize that it can slay me. I recognize the threat previously, and therefore I can circumvent it. Also, it is not necessary to go to the forest to know the life of tigers; you could simply read it in the books.

Books grant a booklover with lots of specifics and information. They have indeed aided me in everyday life. As well, I am extraordinarily prepared to manage the threats available in living. Or else I would set out about boorishly learning the things in much harder manner.

So whenever I find spare time I go on with reading books. In addition to becoming more conversant regarding the outside world, I know that I am spending my precious time beneficially. This is undeniably an excellent hobby for me.


We could see the people carrying brawny talent in various areas, but they could never achieve anything simply because they don’t find time to preserve their hobbies. A hobby directed in the right direction is the best way to achieve success. I love my hobby and will definitely preserve it for the lifetime.

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