Paragraph on My Hobby: Reading – by Jenny


Each of us has their own specific like which would turn to be our hobbies in the long run. People have many different kinds of hobbies like singing, gardening, painting, cooking, and many more.

My hobby is reading and I just love to read books. Reading is such a wonderful hobby that it enables one to gather a lot of information and awareness of many facts around us.

Benefits of Reading:


The habit of reading books was cultivated when I was a kid. I used to read lots of small story books then. But as I grew, my choice also grew and now I like reading more of books and articles that gives me more information and knowledge. Reading is not only a wonderful hobby, but one that enables us to acquire so much knowledge, much beyond what we could ever imagine of. A person who reads would be aware almost of all facts and happenings around them. They would be in knowledge with lots of facts and figures that would help them in the long run.

Reading not only helps in acquiring knowledge, but also helps in improving one`s language. Since I started reading at a very small age, it did help me in getting my language and vocabulary to a very good level when compared to my friends who does not have the habit of reading. With each new level of reading, I could upgrade myself and hence, today I stand confidently at any place, as my language has acquired an edge over my peers. Not only language but spellings, grammar, punctuation and all that English language has, I could master through reading.

Reading has given me immense awareness of so many things around me. Be it political, medical, general knowledge or anything for that matter, I am well aware of almost all things and this was possible only through my reading habits.


Though all hobbies have their own merits and demerits in their own ways, reading is one which has more of merits than demerits. I would personally recommend that all of us should cultivate the habit of reading as there is no other better source of keeping one aware and out of being fooled when you have the knowledge of the fact what you need to know. Reading is a great hobby that I am proud to be possessing and I am just in love with it.

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