Paragraph on My Home Town- by Anand


My home town is a very old place situated in the heart of the state. Though small in size, the town bustles with people from all walks of life.

I was born and brought up in this town and have been residing here ever since. My home town is a very small yet beautiful place to live in.

Home Town Description:


My home town being very old consists of mostly old buildings, ancestral houses and big public gardens. There are numerous temples situated in and around the town. My home town has the unique distinction of having the largest fleet of buses operating for passengers than any other place in the whole state. The drainage system of my town is however an issue.

During heavy rains, half of the parts of the town are submerged under water and cause a lot of inconvenience to daily commuters. The High Court is situated in my home town and it is housed in a big red building spanning over dozens of acres of land. The town also has the largest hospital, a number of schools and colleges and temples.

Home Town Market:

The market of my home town is one of the famous attractions of this place. The market remains open from morning 9 AM to evening 9 PM all days of the week. In the morning hours it is fairly less crowded but as the sun descends gradually, the crowd increases manifold. The market has almost every shop the people require.

Some of the shops are those of groceries, stationery, fruits and vegetables, garments, plastics, utensils, fast food etc. I visit the market on almost every alternate day with my father to get the necessary items for the house.

Festivals in My Home Town:


My home town holds the second largest trade festival of the continent wherein goods from all over the state are brought to one place and sold to millions of buyers. This festival spans for a total of seven days. Kite flying is also celebrated with much vigour and enthusiasm in the town. There is a kite flying competition on the last day of the festival where hundreds of individuals take part. Other festivals include the ones where the gods and goddesses are worshipped. Every festival is celebrated with much energy and vitality.


My home town is a wonderful place to live in. Its minor deficiencies are compensated by its cheerful people and happening atmosphere. The wants and needs of the people of my town are not much and hence everyone remains satisfied. I love my home town.

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