Paragraph on My Inspiration in Life – by Rajan

My inspiration in life is a person who has shown me this world.

My mother; she is my inspiration since the time when I turned into the prime phase of life.



Every person has a mother but very few of them consider their mother as an inspiration. My mother has inspired me in many ways. She has taught me the way to enjoy my life, the solution to pass obstacles and the courage to accept any challenge.

Inspiring thoughts:

She has always been a moral support for me. Her precious thoughts restrict me from doing any misdeeds. She is a support to my family. When I was a child she often used to tell me that I resemble her in many ways than my father. I never understood her words at that age. But now, when I am fully grown up I have understood her words. I truly look like her.

She has given me four important lessons to follow in my life. To me these lessons are the complete package of inspiration.

Think about your future!

My mom has told me that our past never feeds us in the future. So we must look at the current work to secure a good future. When I was a child I used to secure poor marks in the exams. Even after that I never studied properly thinking about the marks obtained in the past. During those times, my mother taught me how to forget the past and prepare myself for the future.

Work hard!


This is an exceptional thought tutored to me by my mom. I am a basketball player since my youth. She taught me the importance of working hard while practicing basketball. As a result, I started focusing on my strong points. I took lots of efforts on removing the weak points. I feel proud to say that I was the top level basketball player in our state. I dedicate all my gold medals to my mom; my inspiration.

Speak clearly!

My mother is very conscious about communication. She feels that communication is an art and everyone must learn this skill. When I was 14 years old, she started teaching me various methods of communication. She taught me the importance of speaking loudly and politely. Now, all of my workmates appreciate the way in which I convey my point. The credit goes to my mom!

Ask questions!

I used to be a shy guy in the school. Many times my school teacher complained that I never asked questions during the classroom sessions. After hearing this complaint, my mother scolded me and instructed me to ask questions all the time. She even told me how to ask a question in a good manner which a listener can understand.


I have dedicated my life to my mother who is my best friend, teacher, instructor, guide and everything. I always follow the path shown by her without thinking a bit because I trust her completely. I have faith that even if the whole world refuses to hear then she will be there to hear me.

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