Paragraph on My Interest and Hobbies – by Rajan

My interest and hobbies have occupied almost half of my life. Hobbies turn our life out of the ordinary. It is the best pursuit, leisure and pastime.


Life with no interests and hobbies is just like the food that has no salt.


We never get drained when we pursue a certain hobby. When we trail our hobbies we discover many things and also make the most excellent use of time.

My hobbies:

Hobbies change from person to person. There are numerous hobbies such as reading, taking pictures, portrayal, stitching, painting, crafting, gardening, pet care, knitting, catering, stamp collecting, etc. Among all these precious hobbies my list of favorite hobbies includes photography, gardening, traveling and stamp collecting.

Stamp collecting!

I am fond of collecting stamps that have different pictures, sizes, shapes, and colors. It gives me a huge satisfaction when I find a new stamp to cuddle inside my stamp’s collection. I have a huge collection containing nearly hundreds of various stamps. One of my friends is also obsessed about collecting stamps. We exchange two identical stamps between us. I have created an album of stamps which has seven different sections according to the states in India. I have allotted some sections for the abroad stamps as well.


This hobby offers an immense happiness to me. I get feelings of fulfillment when I see any seed disseminated by me rising into blossoming floras and stunning plants. I get pleasure in watering my plants and caring them daily. It bestows me contentment and assists in making myself dynamic and active. I cultivate small plants and beautiful flowers in the backyard of my house. The shrubbery of plants along with their greenery and syrupy aroma of beautiful flowers are the stimulants for our nose, eyes and psyche.



Photography is one of my best hobbies which I pursue on a daily basis. It bestows me an ecstasy to imprison the imaginary prettiness of the world. Every time when I notice a gorgeous flora or a tiny bird in the backyard garden, I grab that scene with the powerful lenses of my precious camera. I also take pleasure in capturing the photos of birds and wild animals.


What to speak about this stimulating hobby? Traveling is another pastime which compels me to stopover a new place, city, beach, village or mountain. It is consequently exciting to observe a new place and convene various types of citizens. Traveling allows me to employ my talent in photography. I always keep camera with me whenever I trip to a newer place and then I prefer capturing the photo-shots of buildings, people, marketplaces, and shrines of that place. In this way, I wisely spend my leisure time.


My hobbies are little anomalous but I just love them. No matter how much expensive my hobbies are I often make amendments in pursing them. I have considered certain basic ideologies in selecting these hobbies. I have deliberated time and money factors while selecting these hobbies. As a result, I have got some of the best hobbies to rely on.

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