Paragraph on My Last Vacation- by Rajan

My last vacation was just far-fetched in many ways. Most of the times, I spend all vacations with my family and hardly ever go out with my friends.


In the midst of the changed season in year 2013, I was entirely geared up for enjoying my winter vacation.


I and my family love this season. No matter how much arctic we feel, there is heaps of enjoyment that gets ensued throughout this period and all of us really take pleasure in expensing winter holidays in the corporation of one another. I spent my last vacation in Jammu-Kashmir.


Jammu and Kashmir is a place of attraction for many tourists. This place has got immense importance in the list of honeymoon destinations. The climate at this place never dissatisfies the visitor.


Prior to going to any place, we prefer doing a little research about that place. So we gathered adequate information about Jammu and Kashmir from the internet and tourist guides. We created a list of places to stopover during the trip. We were definite on spending ten days there. We also booked two hotel rooms for us. My father collected four railway tickets as a part of reservation.

Amusement activities:

To begin with, at some stages in the foremost week of trip, we walked off for snowboarding. Snowboarding is truly a difficult activity. It is not as easy and straightforward as we see in the films. It was so much entertaining to fritter a day on the field of snowboarding.


We didn’t carry out any other bustle for the next two days because we turned exhausted after doing lots of physical exertion at snowboarding field. The next task on the list was to have fun of skiing. Superb; skiing is just fantastic! Although we couldn’t be the expert in this game we have to learn it in our own way. We could also seek for the assistance from a guide. He teaches us some of the skiing techniques. We could enjoy skiing in the presence of heavy snows.

We were unable to tread out of the hotel on some occasions because there was intense snowfall in Jammu. Many times we took buckets and shovels with us for digging the excess amount of snow on the road. Although it took a little time and exertions, we accomplished that task as a team work. We played many games while making a path out from the snow. We also created a charming snowman from the excavated snow. We took some funny photographs with a snowman. We also enjoyed making snow balls and heaving them on each other.

We celebrated our Christmas in Kashmir. It was truly elegant to look at all houses decorated with candles, colorful ribbons, and silky curtains. We got to see festooned Christmas tree in 2-3 houses.


This is how I spent my last vacation. It was undoubtedly stunning and involved a lot of breathtaking activities. Whatever sweet memories I have got through this vacation are eternally potted in my mind. We have decided to trip to this place one more time in the next year.

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