Paragraph on My Life at School – by Rajan

My life at school was full of fun, excitement and satisfaction.

Each person in this world has an inimitable experience and a memorable story to tell on the subject of his school life.



I have completed my education in the school which is located in Pune. My school’s name is Bharat English School. The story of my school life goes back to June 1995 when I was admitted into the school.

My school life:

I joined the school when I was just 5 years old. At that time, playing was the only activity to perform in the school. We were allowed to play in the garden instead of sitting in the classrooms. Our classroom was very small containing about fifty tiny benches and a blackboard. We were free to sit on any preferable bench. The scenery was the same till the fourth standard.

The situation changed when I entered the fifth standard. We were shifted to the main building of the school. Everything was newer for me. I was frightened inside after watching the senior students. All senior students used to stare at us because we were too small in front of them. We used to obey the orders of the senior students.

I heard the phrase “principal” for the first time in my life. I got to know that principal is the person who scolds students and punishes them several times. But I was completely wrong. Our beloved principal, Mr. Upadhaye, is truly a polite person. He knows exactly how to handle the students. He never discriminates between the back-bencher students and the scholar students.

School Schedule:


The school schedule was wisely arranged in six hours. The school used to start early in the morning at 7:30 am. There was a half hour given for lunch. We used to finish our lunch box just within ten minutes and spend the remaining time playing. Our classroom sessions were scheduled astutely with each lecture containing the time of half hour.

Annual Functions:

We used to have annual functions in the month of December. These annual functions were meant for expressing the talents. Many students used to participate in the functions. The annual function used to have the maximum time of seven days with one special function arranged each day. On every annual function, we used to perform dance, drama, fancy dress competitions and much more.

Sport competitions:

My school is conscious about sports. We used to have a special trainer for various sports like cricket, hockey, volley-ball and kabbadi. Our school often ranked first in several states and country level sports competitions. I was the gold medalist student in kabbadi. My school gave me the opportunity to realize the sporty person hidden inside me.


This is how my life at school was completely surrounded by fun. I desperately miss my school days. I felt bad while leaving my school. I still remember the crying faces of my school friends and teachers when we were supposed to leave the school on the last day.

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