Paragraph on My Mountaineering Experience- By Shanu

The thrill of a once in a lifetime experience:

I am sure that everybody has a great summer holidays experience once in his or her lifetime.


Even I have a story that would describe the best summer experience that I had. My mountaineering experience is a story that is worth telling. I love telling this story to everybody and every time.

The Focus Mark:

In our summer holidays, my family and I decided to do something new and fun. That is why we made sure that this holiday we do not just stay home and get bored. Therefore, we decided that we would go to Mt. McKinley this place is also known as Denali. This place is one of the highest mountains of North America, people who love to climb mountains aim for this mountain. I was so sure that my mountaineering experience would be fun and worth remembering.

We all decided a date, and then we took a trip to there. We planned to take the West Buttress route. It is one of the most crowded times of the year. We made sure that when we go there we see it from all the possible places. The mountain looks exquisite and amazingly beautiful. Me and my other cousins took the way ahead and climbed almost half of the area to the mountain. After a point of time, I could not go any further.


Therefore, I told my cousins to move forward, and they did. Before we started our trip, we were instructed by our trainer that we have to keep certain thing in our mind. We have to work as a team, and we have to make sure that we help each other and then move forward. We were told to be prepared if there are any problems that take place.

The Prevention to keep in mind:

We were told to carry a bag that contained food and other necessities. We were told to take care if we had any problem or issue we were asked to report it as soon as possible. Also for making the experience more delighting, we made sure that I was given freedom to choose the person I want to be with as a team partner. We were given a certain area until which we were supposed to climb. Once we reached that area, and we were told that we would win. We did not win, in the end, but the whole experience was fun and amazing.

The Termination of the experience:

At the end of everything, I realized one thing that it could be real fun to take a trip like this. My mountaineering experience was fun because I made sure that I do not be a spoilsport and take part in everything actively. I had one of the best experiences of my life at this trip. Once we were backing home, I told my parents that we should take a similar trip every alternate year. They agreed to it, and I am sure that even they had fun and so did my cousins. My cousins were the ones who were the happiest, and so was I.

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