Paragraph on My Pleasant Dream – by Rajan Karle


My pleasant dream is the one that I dreamed last month. I cannot forget that dream because it includes everything that I wish and pray to get.


I still remember that day. I woke up in the early in the morning and went to the sports club.


It was the rainy season and therefore the clouds were black for the entire day. I decided take a day leave from the job and stayed home. I watched some movies and went to the sleep in the afternoon.

Suddenly, I entered into another world. That place was truly beautiful. The place was free from crowd, noise, pollution, and troubles. I didn’t notice the existence of humans at that place. I realized that I am in heaven.


In my childhood, I had heard a lot about heaven from my granny. I have read a lot of things explaining the structure of heaven. The heaven in my pleasant dream was exactly same to that what I heard and read in the past.

There was a fairyland full of trees. A big garden was located in the centre. Beside to that garden, there was a big waterfall. There was a lot of trees, each having different kinds of flowers. I was stunned after watching these many flowers. The existence of living beings was absent. However, I spotted some fairies at that place. They all were playing in the water. They were enjoying the waterfall.


After passing some time I went towards them. They were shocked to see me there. One of those fairies came close to me. She smiled at me and got one tiny chair for me. The chair was decorated with ornaments. Somehow I managed to sit on that chair.

Then a small animal came towards me. I cannot name that animal because I have never seen that beautiful animal in the real world. That animal started playing a beautiful music on the flute. All fairies started laughing. I was surrounded by all of them. After listening to the flute, one fairy came closer to me and gave me some fruits to eat.

There was a beautiful river beside the garden. It was made up of the water falling from the waterfall. The water was shiny and bright. There were a lot of lotuses in the river. When I looked up at the sky, I found a long rainbow.

I was eating the fruits given by the fairy. The fruits were sweet and tasty. After finishing the fruits, I started feeling like a powerful man. One fairy put a mirror in front of me. When I looked into the mirror I found that my muscles were swollen like a wrestler. My height was doubled. I was scared after seeing myself in the mirror.


Then suddenly I heard the sound of my mother. She was waking me up. I realized that it was my pleasant dream. I never uttered this dream to anyone because I know people will definitely laugh at me.

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