Paragraph on My Principal- by Anand


My principal is a role model for all of us students. He is a person who we look up to. He is someone who inspires us and impacts our school life in the most profound way.

He has always been there to guide us in the right direction and prevent us from deviating from our paths. My principal is like a parent to us and loves us like our own father.

My Principal:


My principal shares with me a very deep relationship which I consider to be a blessing. He is a very humble, intelligent and kind-hearted man who is loved by all for innumerable reasons. My principal is a passionate man and is the most hard-working person in the school. Despite the financial pressure and stressful profession, he still makes time for his students. All the major decisions in the school are taken only after consulting him. Even when his mind is pre-occupied, he tends to stay calm and talk rationally. This aspect of his personality takes everyone by surprise.

My Principal’s Role in My Life:

The relationship I share with my principal is too valuable to be put into words. My principal has always been there for me right since my play school days. He is the person who pushed me to try everything in life and not to back away from anything that came as a challenge. His constant dedication towards my interests and hobbies motivated me to pursue the same with more enthusiasm. He considered me his favourite pupil because I really never let him down. He came to witness all the football matches that his students took part in. I still can’t forget his emphatic voice from the stands whenever I got possession of the ball.

He used to carry a packet of glucose powder and fruits during the sports day so that whenever he got the chance, he would come to the finish line and distribute the same amongst the students. Being the principal, it never mattered to him what kind of work he was doing as long as the work satisfied him. His contribution to my studies is also worth mentioning. He reviewed my homework and I studied science and mathematics under him. I believe that the greatest virtues he taught me were discipline and punctuality. It is because of him that I complete my work in time and with utmost sincerity even today. He taught me not to give in to fear and to face every adversity with a clean and composed mind.


My principal is a wonderful human being. He was my guardian at school but loved me like my own father. He made me strive to become a better person each day and he ensured that I did not fall prey to bad intentions. I still go to him before taking any decision in my life. I could not have asked for a better principal.

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