Paragraph on My School Garden – by Rajan

It is little difficult to express the beauty of my school garden into the exact words.

Not all schools can possess their individual backyard and garden, particularly the schools that are situated in the urban area.


My school is built in a very posh area which is far away from the noise and contamination of the metropolitan cities. I consider myself truly lucky for the reason that my school contains a huge and beautiful garden.

Garden description:

The garden is situated right in face of the main building of our school. It is placed on almost twelve acres of ground. One can easily guess the bigness and colossal nature of the garden. It is surrounded by the big walls so as to separate it from the road. It has triangular shape which adds some uniqueness into its splendor. There is a huge and sturdy wooden gate in the corner. Our school has affixed one poster on the gate which depicts the rules to follow inside garden.

Trees inside garden:

Our school peons have planted many fruit trees into one corner of the garden. It includes trees of various kinds such as coconut, orange, banana, guava, and my favorite mango. Each tree is brought from the diverse regions of our country. The sugary tang and flavor of the fruits plowed into our garden is extremely sweet. We never get such syrupy taste into any other fruit which is bought from the fruit market. Our school sells these fruits to the fruit shops in bulk amount. We hold right to purchase these syrupy fruits at the lowest price and rates. The money collected through this business is then used for the donation purposes.

Flower plants:

Some seasonal flower plants are planted into another corner of the garden. These are temporary plants that blossom once in a year. The blossoming period of each plant varies depending on its genus. The blossoming period lasts for almost four months. We have appointed a florist couple to take care of these plants. This couple is very honest and performs their tasks very efficiently. The thing which I like more is that they work incredibly hard to preserve and perk up the beauty of our garden. They water every fruit tree and flower plant on a daily basis.


We have arranged some plots for the purpose of nature-study. These are very helpful for the junior students. These plots help student understand the life of flowers and trees. There are more than 200 flower-pots. We have included flowers of various types and classes.

Flower plants play an important role in managing the fresh environment inside garden. We have planted rose bushes on both sides of the middle way. There are various types of vivid flowers planted on every empty space. The fragrance of these flowers occupies the whole garden. We get heavenly feeling when a mild air flows through the garden.

Play instruments:

Our school has placed various play instruments for the students. These instruments include see-saws, giant rolling, pulling bars etc. Students gather into this region during their lunch time. They finish their lunch box as early as possible so as to get more time to spend at this area.

Students feel happy and cheerful within this beautiful garden. It has turn out to be a fortunate thing to us. When we enter into this garden we forget our sorrows, quarrels, punishments, and schoolwork loads. This place bestows us the power, mental fitness and the actual satisfaction. In addition to this, it also offers some quality education. We enjoy the presence of fruit trees and flower plants. The florists teach us how to plant trees and how to take good care of them.


My school garden has kept us attached to the nature. We enjoy the chirping of birds that hide inside the flower bushes. We take pleasure in catching the beautiful and colorful butterflies that take wing speedily through the flower plants. The voice of cuckoo makes us dance inside the garden. The greenery spread inside the garden looks like the green velvet spread on the ground.

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