Paragraph on My School My Pride – by Shanu

School is a place of real learning. It is only in a school that a student can learn various important lessons of life.

Punctuality, manners, discipline and many more essential attributes of life are learnt at school.


My school is my pride because it is at this place that I learn how I can imbibe all these qualities in my life, so that I can become successful in life. It also teaches me to have moral values like honesty, humility in my life and also to be creative and smart in doing all my work.

About It:

My school provides a serene environment to its students. It has three buildings with each building having two storey and 14 classes. My school has classes from LKG to 12 and each class has three sections. The school starts at 7:50 A.M. with a prayer session in which we sing various hymns. The prayer session is concluded with the reading of the news and the thought of the day so that the students can also learn moral values. The last period gets over at 1:40 P.M. There are in total 40 teachers, two clerks, a librarian and three peons in our school. The staff is highly efficient and qualified and at the same time very helpful. The total number of students in our school is 2700. Truly, my school is one of the biggest schools in my city.

Why is it so Special?

My school is quite particular in many things. My school is situated in a serene and aesthetic environment with green trees surrounding it, which gives it a magnificent view. It has the largest playground in my city. It has the biggest library which houses more than 3000 books concerning various fields.

My school also organizes various extra-curricular activities like quiz competition, debates and elocutionary contests. The authorities at my school also invite various professionals from different sectors of industries to give us seminars so that we can learn from their experiences. This has greatly benefited us students. Also in my school, we celebrate each and every festival with equal zeal and enthusiasm.


Additionally, my school has also given good academic results every year. One can find many gems of our school in the state merit list. Also, the students are disciplined and well behaved. One can see many alumni of our school occupying respectable positions in many well named industries.


In conclusion, I would say that my school is really one of its kinds. It offers its students a unique combination of study with extracurricular activities. In place of focusing on only the studies my school also takes care that we students also excel in games and sports. For this purpose sports meet and Youth summit are also organized in my school. Due to the various facilities provided by it, many students from distant places have also taken admission in school. My school is really ideal in all sense. It is due to this reason that my school is my pride.

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