Paragraph on My True Friend – by Rajan Karle


My true friend is the one whom I consider a member of my family. His name is Rajan.

We used to study in the same class. Our friendship is almost ten years old.



I met Rajan when I was in the fifth standard. Our bond became stronger when we noticed that we both live in the same area. There are many similarities and dissimilarities in both of us. But the dissimilarities are never a threat to our friendship. Many students of our age tried to break our relation but they never succeeded in doing this. Instead, the obstacles placed by those people strengthened our relation.


Before I met Rajan, I was completely lonely with no friends in life. Ranjan’s coming in my life was a blessing in disguise for me. I started sharing many things with him. We established a strong bond of friendship.

Since we both study in the same school and class, we used to go together. We both use bicycles for going to the school. We talk on various topics while traveling.


Rajan is also equally attached with me. He often scolds me whenever I do anything wrong. He always seems ready to help me in all situations. Whenever I feel sad I go to his place and then we play together.


We both are similar in many ways. Our similarities include many things such as movie choices, food, colors etc. Whenever I don’t have money, he helps me.

We belong to middle-class families. We both belong to the same religion.

We both help each other in all situations. We also love helping others.


Just as similarities, we have a few dissimilarities as well. I have realized that both of us have different points of view. We often fight because of our difference in opinion.

We possess different thinking levels that make us dissimilar. However, these dissimilarities never affect our friendship. If we fight, we both stop talking with each other. After some time, either he comes or I go to rejoin the friendship.

Whenever I feel sick he stays with me and helps my parents. He brings medicines as well as fruits for me. He not only takes good care of me but also instructs me to take medicines on time. I do the same whenever he feels sick.


Very few people get a friend as sweet as Rajan. Our friendship is growing. It is becoming stronger by the passing time. We have decided to select the same career path. I am confident that our friendship will last forever.

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