Paragraph on My Uncle My Hero – by Jenny


As a child, we all have our own imaginations of who and what we should become and there is always somebody that we get inspired from in our lives and would like to be like them at some point of our lives.

The person, who inspired me the most in my life, is my uncle, Jo.

My Uncle, my Hero:


Uncle Jo has always fascinated me and I always look up to him as a role model as he is a very responsible and sensible person. I have always admired him for his ideas and his attitude and approach towards life. I also admire him for how he conducts himself and presents himself before the society. He is an individual that you could rely on for anything and everything. He is full of wonderful ideas and gives the best advice to deal with a particular situation. He always has a solution for my problems and I feel very comfortable to share the most personal things of my life with him. He is very caring and considerate. I confide everything with him.

There is one more quality which I like most about him and that is, he is very well organized and systematic. He is very thoughtful and does not haste into things. He is calm and composed in his approach. He is a man of words and keeps promises. He manages things with ease and is quite vocal about anything and everything which he feels is inappropriate. His straight forward attitude though attracts criticism from lot of his peers but it even commands respect from those who share the same temperament. He is very punctual and values the essence of time. He is not only receptive to others’ feelings but also makes sure that he does not hurt anybody by either his words or actions.

The best part about him is that in the midst of this busy schedule, he used to find time to play with us. Whenever we had get-together at home for any kind of festival or celebration, he would also join us and we all would have great fun. He is always willing and ready to spread happiness and joy around him. He is someone who would always ensure that you are having a wonderful time with him.


I believe having someone to look up to as your role model inspires you to be like them and imbibes in you a lot of good qualities in yourself which adds a bit of flavour to your personality. I have grown up seeing my uncle and even today I try to be more or less like him. He is an embodiment of a wonderful human being and a symbol of love, compassion and generosity.

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