Paragraph on My Unforgettable Day – by Rajan

My unforgettable day happened in year 2010.

That day was full of terror, excitement, and thrill; and therefore I cannot forget that day throughout my life.



Many of us come across certain situations that make us laugh in the future. The same thing happened to me on 12, July 2010. I still remember the date and consequently it emphasizes the importance of that day in my life.

What happened?

It was rainy season. My parents needed to go to the near city for attending a marriage function. They decided to keep at home because I too should understand housekeeping in the absence of parents. I agreed on their thought with full confidence. This incidence made me completely alone at the home. Therefore, I got complete freedom to enjoy the cartoon shows on TV, computer, and many other fun activities. I saw outside the window of my house. It was heavily raining outside. Suddenly the electricity supply went off.

I was scared a little but the words of my parents encouraged me to face the situation. Unexpectedly, I heard someone knocking the door of my house. I went near to the door and peeped through it. No one was there! I opened the door to make sure.

I have the habit of watching horror movies. This incidence created the thoughts of ghosts and evils in my mind. I felt that a ghost might be willing to enter in my house. I was completely shocked. I started praying to the god. I lit the candles in my room.


Again, I heard the knocking sound. But this time, I didn’t dare to open the door. Instead I preferred lying on the bed. I surrounded myself with blankets.

What was that!

The electricity supply started almost after one hour. I speedily turned the TV on and played devotional songs. I switched on the lights of all rooms. I am a little curious person who loves science. My curiosity brought me to check out the incidence. I went near to the door and opened it. I found that a small dog was standing outside the house. The dog was completely wet because of the rain. It was shivering with the cold and looking for the safe place.

I couldn’t stop my laugh initially. I realized my foolish nature. I took the dog inside my house and gave him some biscuits to eat. Besides this, I showered it in warm water. I decided to adopt that dog for my lifetime. Now, that dog is my dearest friend. I call it Tommy with love.

When my parents came back I dictated the whole incidence and they too couldn’t stop laughing. They were happy for my new pet. They accepted it as a family member.


Thus, 12 July 2010 has become an unforgettable day of my life. This day has taught me a lesson in being courageous. It taught me that we must believe in the power of our Lord. He protects us in every hard situation. Besides this, I have learnt that we must show courage in the hard times.

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