Paragraph on My Weakness – by Silki


Everyone has their own weaknesses. A weakness is one aspect of an individual that affects and defines his or her particular personality, character, traits and potentials.

On one hand, it may be a special fondness or self-indulgent liking, as for a specific thing, person, animal, place, mode, food, etc.


On the other hand, it may denote a defective quality or an inadequate behavior of a person. As for myself, my weakness is being fatalistic about the events and occurrences that come my way as I struggle living and pursuing my happiness in life.

Being Fatalistic:

My weakness of being fatalistic denotes my tendencies to accept or submit to a truism that all things and events have been subjected to fate or inevitable predetermination; that, a supernatural and all-powerful being is always present to become solely responsible for the settlement of all things towards their proper or inappropriate places. It is actually and purely a submission to the mysterious ways of fate, if not, faith.

Whenever someone dear to me dies, or was born with deformities and illnesses, or have been inheriting and meriting unequal opportunities, treatments and lot in life; whenever I pass or fail an exam; whenever something positive or negative circumstances occur around me or coming my way; or, whatever may be the eventualities that happen in my life— either trivial or intense in extent— I have always this certain and immediate inclination to blame fate or destiny. As a matter of fact, I even blame my weakness per se to the unpredictable workings of fate.

Fatalism’s Advantages and Disadvantages:

But aside from fate, I point out my strong faith for the ingrained existence of my weakness within me. It is for this reason that my fatalistic attitude deepens my faith, knowing that fate is also controlled by God. And, that becomes the greatest advantage for my weakness— turning and seeking solace to my religion, especially whenever I am faced with questions that are left unanswered. Most of the time, I hear myself uttering that everything happens through God’s will, through how He spins fate.


While my weakness creates an advantage, it also breeds disadvantages such as becoming powerless to alter my destiny. Whereas, I have been taught of becoming the captain of my soul in order to carve my own destiny the way I wanted it to be, it sometimes complicates certain beliefs within my own weakness.

Thus, I usually deter and deny myself to make efforts for improvements and resign myself to the strokes of fate. Besides, I oftentimes see the manifestations of my weakness as leaning towards the boundaries and practices of superstition, which I know, contradicts obviously with my own faith; since, superstitions are commonly established from folkloric beliefs.


However, whether or not a weakness has been obtained through influential, religious, physical, environmental, social or emotional factors, it is noteworthy to have a deeper understanding of it. It is how a person deals with whatever situation with respect to his own weakness. In short, like my weakness, it boils down to largely constitute the real essence of my person.

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