Paragraph On My Younger Sister – By Silki


A woman is God’s most wonderful gift to man. In fact, man could not live without women. For one thing, everyone has a mother, for whom he owes his or her existence.

Having a sister is more than a bonus; or, having both is twice a blessing.


And, I am just so fortunate enough that I am a recipient of heavenly presents, my mother and my younger sister. I love both of them a lot and I never cease thanking God for having them in my life.

The Family’s Jewel:

For the first ten years of my life, I had only my two younger brothers as company and playmates aside from my parents and friends. We all wished for a female addition to the family, and it was only when we prayed daily together to high heavens and asked the intercessions of saints that our precious wish was eventually granted. Since then, my younger sister has become the family’s jewel. She is indeed heaven’s gift for us, our treasure, and our very own who remains to be cherished, cared for and loved so dearly.

My younger sister is more than special and precious, especially for me. She is someone so unique, beautiful and a person whom I can fully trust and entrust my life with. Even when we were younger— when we teamed up to do mischievous things or concerted to do righteous stuffs— she has always become a living reminder of the blessing, of a true partnership, that could only spring from love and close-knit ties. We take turns to be each other’s counselor, yet, keep ourselves each other’s confidante as we share our dreams, reveal our intimate secrets, collaborate through our respective endeavors, and understand about living life together along the way.

About Her:

Truly, my younger sister is a portrait of love blended with friendship and family— the very best things that life has to offer— as if being my identical twin, if not, my real best friend. We almost have the same likes and preferences that we nearly breathe in unison. Of course, we have our differences and petty misunderstandings, but they were only cultivated to make us grow closer more than ever. She would stand with me, by me and for me through thick and thin; more so, when the whole world seems breaking apart or standing against me.


Oftentimes, my younger sister solely understands me, by helping me view perspectives in a more understandable way. Perhaps, it is her gender that allows me to clearly understand and appreciate people in general and all women in particular. I sense her as a feeling residing deep within, who makes me wonder what I must ever do without her. She completes as one among the most important parts of my life.


Whether we are both living near each other or apart, my younger sister and I will always be together in each other’s thoughts, spirit and heart. Together, we will always share the most special moments as she will remain a gift, a memory that ever endures from the start.

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