Paragraph on National Integration – by Anand


National integration or national unity expresses itself through the feeling of commonness, oneness, identity, nationalism, loyalty towards the nation.


The citizens of the nation become conscious of national integrity and unity when the feeling of brotherhood and cooperation is manifested in the sense of mutual oneness.

National integration is a sentiment of the people of our country. The people have a mutual feeling of living together with sympathy and cooperation for each other and working for the welfare of the country by forgetting the difference of religion, race, caste, creed etc.

India’s Diversified Culture and Geography:

India has a wonderful and unique culture which consists of diversities of religions, languages, creeds, castes etc. Despite the presence of this multiplicity of everything, there is always a feeling of oneness amongst the Indian mass. The cultural tradition of India is characterized by the apt saying ‘unity in diversity’.


Though many changes and developments took place in the country, the fundamental unity was never lost. Even during the Indian Freedom Movement, people from different backgrounds of the society joined hands and fought against the Britishers.

India has different climates. There is a difference in food habits, there is a difference in the crops which are grown every year, and difference also lies in faiths and beliefs of the individuals. The customs and traditions are also varied in many ways. Different religions and sects are pursued by the people.

There is a difference even in the geographical layout of the country. The area of north India is very fertile consisting of mountain ranges and hills whereas in South India, there are plateaus and barren lands.

Importance of National Integration:

It is very essential to have national integration in India. Any kind of disintegration is harmful for the Indian society. Many negative forces operate in the country like provincialism, communalism and parochialism which act as tools in the hands of those people who seek out only their vested interests and wish for the disintegration of India.

These forces weaken the country and hence there is a requirement for national integration in the country. National integration also works against the actions of the fanatic people who instigate communal riots in the name of religion. National integration sustains the democracy and rule of law in the country and saves the life of the common man.


Thus, national integration is of utmost importance for the country today. The Indian citizenry should work towards solidifying national integration and also promote the ideals of mutual trust and goodwill. No person should be allowed to instigate communal hatred in the minds of people.

The benefits of development should be equally distributed. Even the lower strata of the society should be able to reap the fruits of development. The people of the country should work towards inclusive growth and overall development.

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